Saturday, August 20, 2011


The field of battle being prepared

My command of the Guards, 4th Brigade 6 bns and 
2nd Brigade of 6 bns in the center.  My troops would 
spend the entire game attacking over the bridge.

The left of the French side

A view of my 2 infantry brigades at the start of the game.

I placed my cavalry brigade behind the village till they were needed.

The black lightning shaped marker is for disorder.
I rolled more 1's than I thought I would ever roll.
My despair was great though I adapted a fatalistic view and expected each roll to be a 1.
I must say that my compatriots have grace and patience as my abysmal rolling did not help my outlook
Their forbearance of my bad luck reinforces the advice  to never gloat at any bad luck of your opponent as your time is coming.

I have never see Sean roll so well so consistently.
He doggedly defended the bridge and I doubt anyone could have done better.
He faced  3 Guard, 3 Grenadiers, and 6 line bns plus 6 horse.

Thanks to the victory points gained for every bn over the stream and above 1 stand the French won a hard fought victory.  With time to reflect, I must agree with Jay, just lining up and blasting away is no fun and I look forward to his next enjoyable scenario.

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