Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good visit

Tonight was the finale night of a great visit by Laura.  She took a couple of days off from her trip with her Grandfather to slip down to Portland. Her grandfather collects pressed glass and this year the gathering is in Little Rock.Yesterday she stayed with her Grandmother and I during the day and attended a supper with Richard and Amanda. My Mother enjoyed her time with her Granddaughter.  

Tonight  I went over to my brother Richards house for a goodbye supper for Laura.  With Laura's assistance, I cooked Chicken Alfredo Pizzas.  Amanda's thick brownies  with ice cream proved to be a great dessert to end the meal.

While the pizzas were cooking Richard keeps Brently occupied.

Our lovely Brently loved the attention provided by our traveling graduate, Laura.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Mother and I drove 1000 miles to Spotsylvania  for Laura's graduation.  The trip took two days and we arrived on 1 June.   On 2 June my brother, William, Took me to an outdoor concert by Travis Tritt.

The concert was great. After his band took a break, Travis sat on a stool and played a guitar and sang for 45 minutes.  Travis brought his A game and put on a great show.  It was great seeing the show with my brother.

William, Mother, and Laura getting ready for the graduation.  Mom and I would stay and watch the graduation online.  Laura's graduating class is over 200.  The graduation took just over 2 hours once it started. Mom would not have lasted on those crowded stands. 

Our now graduated Laura.  She has been pre-approved to attend the Robert E. Cook Honors College at the  Indiana University of  Pennsylvania. Mom and I arrived back home after a 1000 mile 2 day trip on 7 June. William drove Laura for test at IUP on 9 June and 10 June.

I purchased 2 Pegasus building which I have joined together.  When finished I plan to use the building as  Monasteries.