Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas evening my mother and I received some guest.

Amanda hurried in and sat down with Brently as mother looks on

Amanda shows Brently for a closeup

Brently and Amanda smile for the camera showing Brently's Christmas outfit

Brently helps my mother open her presents as my brother, Richard, looks on

The greatest present my mother and I could have,  a visit from our favorite girl
Brently showed off her walking and jabbering for our enjoyment
She would go from mother to Amanda and back over and over
Having talked to her 2 brothers and Aunt Adonis, this visit was the cherry on top of a good Christmas

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A different view of the Battle of Zwilling-Hügel

Jay Stribling
Bill Hamilton

John Murdaugh
Ed Sansing

The Schwabian line looking from the west (John's 2 battalion brigade)
The Schwabian line looking from the east (my 2 battalion brigade). The Schwabian brigades were both 2 battalions of 42 figures each. Each battalion had 1 - 3 pound gun.
Jay's Harzberg brigade. The 2 Harzberg brigades were 3 battalions of 30 figures. Jay also had a heavy battery with 2-12 pound guns
First fire. Jay advanced and I brought my brigade up from the reverse slope. When the card was turned it showed that the Schwabian's (me) got the first fire.
On the other flank John also got first fire against Bill.
After the next turn 2 of Jay's battalions were so reduced they failed their morale and fell back.
The bright spot for Harzberg was that their cavalry wiped out a Schwabian squadron and captured its colors.
One the other flank Bill tried to close with John and made it with 2 battalions. The nearest battalion didn't have the movement and so stood and exchanged fire with John. One of my guns was able to get an enfilade shot at it.

Bill's 2 battalions that engaged in hand-to-hand have recoiled (lost more figures than John). The cav on that flank were still engaged.
Not long after this the Harzberg forces pulled back.

Ed Sansing

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lost gaming day

I did not get to spend a Saturday driving 150 miles to Jackson Ms to game with friends.  No, this 52 year old bachelor spent the afternoon at a first birthday party for Brently.  Don't get me wrong, I love her and willingly gave up my trip, but I sure wish I lived closer so I could have gamed and went to the party.

Brently in here Princes suit

Brently oversees the setup of the party

That balloon needs to be moved over just an inch

World super model Brently shows the style for birthdays this year
The presents await the unveiling

The opening of the presents

Bring me my next present to open

A good time was had by all

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Battle of Zwilling-Hügel

 Jay Stribling and Bill Hamilton set up their Harzburg forces
Long view of the opposing forces

Harzburg advances to within charge range of the defending Schwabians

Ed Sansing on the left faces a smiling Jay Stribling as the opposing forces close

Flatsburg opposes the Harzbach Brigade

Muhlehaus and Adlerzwillinge oppose vonStriblings Brigade

The Flatsburg Horse covers their flank as the Flatsburg Regiments take fire

The Flatsburg Regiment stands firm despite their losses

The Flatsburg Regiment returns fire to the Harzbach Grenadiers

The Furstins Regiment pounds Thalbers Regiment

Furstins Regiment stand as Thalbers closes the range of their firefight

The Flatsburg Regiment stands the charge of the Harzbach Grenadiers and Fenstermacher Regiment with the Furstins Horse counter charging the Kleinberg Dragoons
On the right Furstins Horse win the first round and push back the Kleinberg Dragoons
while the Flatsburg Regiment has won it's first round and pushed back the Fenstermacher Regiment and routed and captured the flag of the Harzbach Grenadiers
Thalbers has gotten the worst of their firefight with Furstins Regiment
Muhlehaus and Adlerzwillinge withstand their firefight with vonStriblings Brigade

The Flatsburg Dragoons have been eliminated in melee losing their flag to the Aubach Dragoons
while Lowes regiment stands while Brandts and vonStriblings Grenadiers route from losses

At this point Harzburg pulled back having failed to break through the Schwabian lines

Check out tje Jackson Gamers site for another account of the battle with more pictures

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Addie channel surfs while I work on touching up my limbers

The Harzburg 12lb guns will have a four hourse limber

Flatsburg 3lb battalion guns use a one horse limber

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jackson Gamers report of Hoffmanns Farmstead

Jay Stribling posted as report of the Battle of Hoffmanns Farmstead on the Jackson Gamers. He added his and Ed Sansings pictures to his repoprt.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Battle of Hoffmanns Farmstead

Harzburg cavalry enter on the road heading for the Hoffmann Farmstead, with Jay Stribling looking on.
Schwabian cavalry enter to stop Harzburg, with Ed Sansing on left and Jim Pitts on right
Flatsburg Dragoons lead the way
Picture by Ed Sansing
A view of the battlefield with Hoffmanns farmstead in the center with ed in the background
Flatsburg Dragoons deploy with the Furstins Horse on the road
Picture by Ed Sansing
Adlerzwillinge follows the deployed cavalry with Fuchs Jaegfers beside them
Picture by Ed Sansing
Harzburg infantry enters the battlefield behind the 2 dragoon squadrons
Adlerzwillinge deploys with Fuchs Jaegfers beside them Muhlehaus deploys behind them
Picture by Ed Sansing

Schwabian cavalry fan out and make room for the infantry behind with Jim in the forground and Ed in back
On the left of Hoffmanns Farmstead the Flatsburg Dragoons charge the Aubach Dragoons
Closeup of the Flatsburg Dragoons impact with the countercharging Aubach Dragoons
Picture by Ed Sansing
On the right of Hoffmanns Farmstead the Kleinberg Dragoons oppose the Furstins Horse as Ed ponders his next move
The Harzburg Infantry begin to depoly behind the cavalry as Jay take a picture
The cavalry melee will continue anouther turn
Harzburg infantry continue to depoly from the road

The Adlerzwillinge battalion deploys into line behind the cav. The Muhlehaus battalion and battalion gun enter the board. Fuchs Jagers swing around to the flank.
                                                           Picture by Ed Sansing

The battery's 2 12lb deploy as 2 Harzburg line battalions and a Grenadier battalion deploy off the road while the Aubach Dragoons have lost anouthder melee round and routed off the table losing their flag to the Flatsburg Dragoons and the the Kleinberg Dragoons charge the Furstins Horse on the right of Hoffmanns Farmstead
Kleinberg Dragoons melee with Furstins Horse on the right of Hoffmanns Farmstead and in front of Muhlehaus infantry battalion on the road
von Harzbach directs his brigades advance
The Flatsburg Dragoons withdraw with the Aubach Dragoons flag after routing them
Fuchs Jaegers deploy on the flank of  Harzburgs Fenstermacher battalion while the Adlerzwillinge battalion engages them frontaly
Harzbach's brigade advances to engage the Schwabian infantrywhile the Kleinberg Dragoons reform after their routing of the Furstins Horse taking their flag with Jim in the background
Harzburg sorts out the congested battalions
View from the Harzburg 12lb battery
Thalber blast the Muhlehaus battalion
Harzburgs Fenstermacher battalion fires on the Adlerzwillinge battalion
The Adlerzwillinge battalion and Fuchs Jaegers pour the fire into Fenstermacher
Thalber is blasted by the Muhlehaus battalion and 3lb gun
The Adlerzwillinge battalion and Fuchs Jaegers pour the fire into Fenstermacher
The Thalber / Muhlehaus firefight continues and reinforcement arrive for both sides
Harzbach's Grenadiers storm the farmstead and take possesion before the Flatsburg grenadiers,
the Adlerzwillinge / Fenstermacher firefight continues
The looming fight for the farmstead and the charge of the Muhlehaus battalion
The Muhlehaus battalion charges Thalbers
Fuchs Jaegers flanked the guns
At the top Thalber has routed and taken Muhlehaus and Harzbachs grenadiers have won their fight and keep possesion of the farmstead
At the top, Thalber in pursuit of Muhlehaus has charged into the disordered Flatsburg battalion with the disordered Furstins battalion on the road
Harzburg troops advance and form on the road to pour fire into Fuchs Jaegers

With 1Dragoon routed and the other at one third streangh, two infantry battalions routed and one below half streangth the Schwabians quit the field to preserve their forces forthe next battl