Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas evening my mother and I received some guest.

Amanda hurried in and sat down with Brently as mother looks on

Amanda shows Brently for a closeup

Brently and Amanda smile for the camera showing Brently's Christmas outfit

Brently helps my mother open her presents as my brother, Richard, looks on

The greatest present my mother and I could have,  a visit from our favorite girl
Brently showed off her walking and jabbering for our enjoyment
She would go from mother to Amanda and back over and over
Having talked to her 2 brothers and Aunt Adonis, this visit was the cherry on top of a good Christmas

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A different view of the Battle of Zwilling-Hügel

Jay Stribling
Bill Hamilton

John Murdaugh
Ed Sansing

The Schwabian line looking from the west (John's 2 battalion brigade)
The Schwabian line looking from the east (my 2 battalion brigade). The Schwabian brigades were both 2 battalions of 42 figures each. Each battalion had 1 - 3 pound gun.
Jay's Harzberg brigade. The 2 Harzberg brigades were 3 battalions of 30 figures. Jay also had a heavy battery with 2-12 pound guns
First fire. Jay advanced and I brought my brigade up from the reverse slope. When the card was turned it showed that the Schwabian's (me) got the first fire.
On the other flank John also got first fire against Bill.
After the next turn 2 of Jay's battalions were so reduced they failed their morale and fell back.
The bright spot for Harzberg was that their cavalry wiped out a Schwabian squadron and captured its colors.
One the other flank Bill tried to close with John and made it with 2 battalions. The nearest battalion didn't have the movement and so stood and exchanged fire with John. One of my guns was able to get an enfilade shot at it.

Bill's 2 battalions that engaged in hand-to-hand have recoiled (lost more figures than John). The cav on that flank were still engaged.
Not long after this the Harzberg forces pulled back.

Ed Sansing

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lost gaming day

I did not get to spend a Saturday driving 150 miles to Jackson Ms to game with friends.  No, this 52 year old bachelor spent the afternoon at a first birthday party for Brently.  Don't get me wrong, I love her and willingly gave up my trip, but I sure wish I lived closer so I could have gamed and went to the party.

Brently in here Princes suit

Brently oversees the setup of the party

That balloon needs to be moved over just an inch

World super model Brently shows the style for birthdays this year
The presents await the unveiling

The opening of the presents

Bring me my next present to open

A good time was had by all