Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last stand of the China Marines

The Chinese warlords get their orders

I commanded the China Marines protecting the Missionaries
this is the view of my area of operations

The Marines deploy to defend the Mission

This warlord seems perplexed by the opening situation

At the games end, only 1 marine and the 3 Missionaries are left alive in
the house at the top and left of the compound

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mom holding her great granddaughter Brently

The weather was great for Mom's funeral and memorial yesterday.  Family and friends came to show their support and love for Mom and her family.  Brother Carl gave words of comfort at both the graveside service and the memorial.  Portland Baptist Church provided food for the family and guest.

At the graveside service, who should show up but 2 of my Jackson gamer comrades.  Jay Stribling rescheduled a doctors appointment and Ed Sansing drove him the 150 miles from Jackson, Ms.  Their surprise appearance brightened up my mood on that day.  They left after the memorial service and I will see them on my next trip.