Friday, March 30, 2012


My Mother, Gladys Inez Kimble Murdaugh passed away the morning of 28 March.  
Monday will be the date of her memorial service.

David Kimble, Paul Kimble, Gladys K Murdaugh

Saturday, March 17, 2012


View of the table from my end

White Russians, Larry Reeves and Sean Pitts

My Comrades the Red Russians Jim Pitts and Bill Hamilton

I played a Red Russian commander

Bill Hamilton helped put up the screens

My command
2 Cavalry units and 6 Infantry units

White Russians view the table once the screen is removed

White Russian Russ Schneider, Larry Reeves, and Sean Pitts

Jay Stribling (Gamemaster) with 2 of the White Russians

The reason for the slow advance of the reds
Blasted river

You never know what cars can be found on the road.  Since it was just him and me , I had to take a photo.