Sunday, January 1, 2012


I awoke after a long nap in the hotel and could not get back to sleep.  The last day of 2011 was spent with my compatriots of the Jackson Gamers playing Uncharted Seas for the first time. Since it was a Saturday and New Years eve I stayed over after the game.
 Ed Sansing (the gamemaster) along with Bill Hamilton provided the ships and provided aid with the rules.  I was given the command of the Dragon Lords and was allied with the Orks against 3 groups of Dwarfs.

Ed Sansing and our gracious host Jay Stribling during the pregame 

The pride of the Dragon Lords, my flagship

The Dwarf commanders left to right
Bill Hamilton, Jay Stribling, and Admiral Fred Diamond

The rules are explained as Dwarfs ponder their fate

The Dragon Lords sail into battle with no concern for the wind.
I was pleased to find out that Dragon Lord sails create their own wind and ignore the restrictions of wind direction.  My Ork allies were continually keeping an eye on the weather gauge to determine the changing winds new direction.  The Dwarfs and their infernal machines needed no aid from the wind to move.

The Orks under the command of Jim Pitts draw first blood and sink a Dwarf frigate of Bill Hamilton

A second Dwarf frigate goes under the waves.
Frigates are small fast and fragile ships.  The live hard and fast lives.

The Dwarf dirigible provided the only air cover in the game

A view of the battle from the view of the Dragon Lords

Dwarf subs attack an Ork destroyer

What happens when 2 Dwarf subs attack a Ork destroyer

The Dragon Lords engage the Orks in the center

Orks close with the Dwarf cruisers of Jay Stribling

What happens when frigates ram a Dreadnaught
The Dwarfs split their sides laughing

Since ramming would not stop the monster, combined fire from the rest of the fleet was tried

and tried

Finally success. It only took the loss of 5 frigates and a cruiser to bring it down

Jim Pitts gangs up on the Dwarf battleship

Sean Pitts brought down the airship with a devastating volley