Saturday, April 30, 2011


Raw pictures of the Jackson Gamers Mexican American war battle

Ed Sansing lays out the seneriop

The Mexican commanders
Phil, Sean Pitts, and Bill Hamilton

The American Commanders
John Murdaugh, Jay Stribling, and Russ

Sean Pitts, Santa Anna, plans the Mexican battle plan

The American cavalry brigade I will command

My American infantry division

Jay Stribling, Winfield Scott, looks over the order of battle
with his American infantry division in the background

The firse movement die thrown in the game,
a move of 4" out of a possible12"

American artillary heading down theroad

American artillary heading down theroad

American artillary heading down theroad
Ed Sansing gives advice on the rules as Phil brings on his troops

My cavalry brigade

The American side of the table.
At the top a Mexican cavalry brigade prepares to charge the Infantry division of Russ

Ed clears up a the rules for Russ as Mexican
cavalry thunders off the hill at his infantry

Sean and Bill

A view of my troops as they deploy
The end of the table prior to the melee

Jay Stribling begins the deployment of his division

After artillary and muskets reduce their numbers
the Mexican lancers close with the American infantry

The melee in full swing

Americans rout from the melee

The scene prior to the final close combats which end in victory for the Americans.
It is at this point the game was ended as it was 3:30pm.

A good game has ended and the troops are packed ready to return to their barracks