Saturday, November 20, 2010

Battle of Zwilling-Hügel

 Jay Stribling and Bill Hamilton set up their Harzburg forces
Long view of the opposing forces

Harzburg advances to within charge range of the defending Schwabians

Ed Sansing on the left faces a smiling Jay Stribling as the opposing forces close

Flatsburg opposes the Harzbach Brigade

Muhlehaus and Adlerzwillinge oppose vonStriblings Brigade

The Flatsburg Horse covers their flank as the Flatsburg Regiments take fire

The Flatsburg Regiment stands firm despite their losses

The Flatsburg Regiment returns fire to the Harzbach Grenadiers

The Furstins Regiment pounds Thalbers Regiment

Furstins Regiment stand as Thalbers closes the range of their firefight

The Flatsburg Regiment stands the charge of the Harzbach Grenadiers and Fenstermacher Regiment with the Furstins Horse counter charging the Kleinberg Dragoons
On the right Furstins Horse win the first round and push back the Kleinberg Dragoons
while the Flatsburg Regiment has won it's first round and pushed back the Fenstermacher Regiment and routed and captured the flag of the Harzbach Grenadiers
Thalbers has gotten the worst of their firefight with Furstins Regiment
Muhlehaus and Adlerzwillinge withstand their firefight with vonStriblings Brigade

The Flatsburg Dragoons have been eliminated in melee losing their flag to the Aubach Dragoons
while Lowes regiment stands while Brandts and vonStriblings Grenadiers route from losses

At this point Harzburg pulled back having failed to break through the Schwabian lines

Check out tje Jackson Gamers site for another account of the battle with more pictures

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Addie channel surfs while I work on touching up my limbers

The Harzburg 12lb guns will have a four hourse limber

Flatsburg 3lb battalion guns use a one horse limber

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jackson Gamers report of Hoffmanns Farmstead

Jay Stribling posted as report of the Battle of Hoffmanns Farmstead on the Jackson Gamers. He added his and Ed Sansings pictures to his repoprt.