Monday, July 28, 2014


While visiting my family in Spotsylvania, Va I was able to squeeze in Historicon 2014.  This year I put on my game on Wednesday for the open gaming night.  2 played the Rebels and 2 played the Loyalist in this adaptation of the Battle of Camdon. 
The Kings men plot their strategy
The Rebels stare down the Kings men
The Rebels are assaulted
A view from the Loyalist cavalry

The Loyalist drive the Rebels from the field
Thursday night saw a repeat of the game
A view of the game setup
Jacob was given command of the Rebel Regulars since he commanded the militia the night before.
Jacob stands to move the Regulars forward
The 3 Kings men watch the Rebel moves
The Legion Horse charged into the Militia

The Rebel Militia and State line are driven from the field as the Regulars fight an increasing desperate fight.  This would be the Rebels second loss at Historicon.
My camera had a breakdown and no other pictures were available.
For the third game on Friday night Jacob was given command of the Kings Regulars,  and for the third time the Rebels were driven from the field.  In trying to aid the Rebels I had reduced the Kings forces by taking away a bn of Grenadiers.

Before I compiled this report I found this on the web

Paul Forgette  My first game was “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Camdon.” This was a 40mm scale American War of Independence game. The host was John Murdaugh. I was on the British side and we did well.