Sunday, September 19, 2010

Capitania General de Florida Battle 3 Pictures

View of the battlefield looking East

The 3 Asturian gunboats looking East

Side view of the Asturian gunboats

The objective of the battle, a beached Britannian supply ship

Britannian gunboat and ship

View of battlefield looking East

The Asturian green gunboat

The Asturian black gunboat

The Asturian blue gunboat

Closeup of the beached Britannian supply ship

The Asturian infantry march onto the battlefield

The Asturian infantry are encouraged by the crew of the Green gunboat

The Asturian infantry march quickly for their objective along the beach

The Asturian infantry  and Indian allies engage Britannian infantry to keep them out of the battle for the objective

Britannian infantry skirt the beach for a strait shot at the beached ship

Britannian infantry north of the swamp heading to the center of the battlefield

Asturian infantry  continue ther march South of the swamp toward the beached Britannian ship

Britannian troops near the beached ship

The combatants near the beacheed Britannian supply ship neck and neck

The green gunboat eyes potential targets as Britannian infantry near open ground

Britannian commander noting the gunboat and reacts

All Britannian infantry would avoid the open ground rather than face the gunboats 12lb gun

Britannian ship sails toward the prize

The Britannian ship is short of the range to deliver a broadside
on the Asturian infantry

The Asturian infantry rush foreward to gain the prize

The Britannian ship prepares to deliver a broadside on the Asturian infantry

After Britannian broadside,
whats left of the Asturian infantry scamper for the Prize

The black gunboat lines up a shot on the Britannian ship and miss

The Asturian gunboats view potential targets

The Asturians climb aboard the stranded ship

The Britannians fire on the Asturians on the ship

Closeup of the Britannians

Asturians await the fate of their comrads on the ship

Asturians before the Britannian ship fires their broadside
The Asturians huave fled from the ship and scurry past their comrads

Last view of the Asturian unit that routed off the ship

View from the Asturian blue gunboat as it lines up targets

Asturian gunboats view as they take shots at the Britannian ship
and infantry near the beached ship

Britannian infantry near the beached ship after taking fire from an Asturian gunboat

Asturian gunboats view of the Britannian infantry and ship
Asturian gunboats view of the Britannian infantry and ship

Asturian gunboats view of the Britannian infantry and ship

Asturian gunboat view of the Britannian infantry trying to flank the Asturians

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1 September 2010

To day is a busy day with household chores and Mothers visit to the Doctor.  I do not expect to get much done today but I hope to asses the situation and plan a new painting schedule.