Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 The Great  Gamemaster
Larry  Brom

A funny thing happened on the way to Camden
"Disperse, Ye damned Rebels"
Enter the fictional world of the Jackson Gamers "Murican Revolution.  The year is 1780 and a new Murican army is marching South to reclaim the Carolina Colony.  General Bates, the Hero of the North, is confident and eager to bring the Brittanians of Lord Cornwall to battle and seize their supply bdepot.
The battlefield prior to the game

Rebel Militia commander looks out at the opposition

The victorious Rebel Militia commander surveys the devastated Brittanic forces in front of his position

On the other flank, the Continental Regulars have been chewed up by
 the Loyalist Brigade and German Brigade

Larry Brom inspects the 40mm Prince August Homecast painted by Jay Stribling and myself,
in the backgroung is the Battle of Jalapa-1846 ran by Ed Sansing

Sword and the Flame
The Attack-Sudan 1885

Chessepot and Needlegun

54mm Battle

The Hive and the Sword Demo ran by author Terry Sofian (standing in background)

Sword in Succession 

Anglo-Egyptian War