Saturday, October 29, 2011


The following raw pictures are of the BATTLE OF BLUTIGER HÜGEL  (BLOODY HILL).  The poor innocent and brave Schwabins fell like lambs to the slaughter.  I will write the report when I can work up the courage to fully remember the slaughter.  (As you might have guessed, I played on the Schwabian side)

Jay Stribling (Left) and Jim Pitts (Right) advance upon the Schwabian defenders

Close up of the first round of musketry

Harzburg's commanders ponder their next move

The cavalry has been sent to aid the left flank

Sean Pitts (left) watches Bill Hamilton advance his cavalry after his infantry has routed Fuch's Jagers

The victorious Furstin's Horse has routed the 2 Harzburg Dragoon squadrons

Final view from the left flank

Harzburg artillery, Fusiliers, and Grenadiers devastate the Furstin's foot with their first fire

Furstin's Foot moves to try and hold the right flank

The horror  of impending doom begins to sink in
Schwabian Commanders
John Murdaugh (left)  Ed Sansing ( middle)  and Sean Pitts (right)
Having lost all his command, can sanity be far behind
When asked about his command he replied,"Sir, I have no command"

The Harzburg comanders await the outcome of their volley

The Muhlehause Foot check their moral after reicieving anouther devastating volley 

Will they also fail and join their comrads and flee

Joyful Harzburgers celebrate their victory as the last Schwabian infantry flees from the hill

The remnants of 3 battalions would not equal 1 fresh battalion
The foot suffered close to 70% losses

It's safe to bring the Herzog's prized 12's across the ford and resume the march