Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Tree Test

Miss Kitty checks out the troops

Oh No!  A giant monster is attacking

A curious cat

The new trees form woos on the flank

Friday, June 7, 2013

Making trees for HISTORICON 2013

I will be the game master at HISTORICON 2013 for an AWI game.  I put the same game on at COLONIAL BARRACKS 2012 with the aid of the Jackson Gamers terrain box.  For HISTORICON I am going to need trees to represent the swamp on the side of the battlefield.

I found a simple method to create trees.  By twisting galvanized wire for the core and tape for bulk the trees are made.  I was unable to use their method of using acrylic caulk so I used white glue and tp to give the bark effect. (Bill Hamilton gave me the idea)

A tree getting it's bark

Trees with paint and foliage beside those without

Same scene from a different angle showing the hidden troops

Final 2 stages of production