Wednesday, November 9, 2011


“The Lion and the Gazelle” (or the Tax Man Cometh) 
Jim Pitts ~ The Sword in Africa ~  28mm 

The sleepy village of Umbangomango swelters in the humid heat of an African summer.  The peaceful villagers go about their daily tasks - farming, cooking, washing, herding their livestock - unaware that fate has a cruel twist in mind for them.  Somehow word has been passed back to the territorial administrators that Umbangomango is a hotbed of insurrectionists, intent on destabilizing the British rule in the Colony of Lower Bongowongo.  A punitive expedition, commanded by Captain Smedley Bryce-Hopkins, is even now on its way to punish these wayward heathens.  Chief Lolomango and his sleepy village appear to be the flock of sheep as the government wolf descends upon them.  But are the villagers a flock of defenseless sheep?  Rumors have been heard around the bush telegraph that Chief Lolomango has sworn fealty to a mysterious woman warrior known as the Great Mamubaba.  She is supposedly leading a large army to aid Lolomango in overpowering the government forces. But there are others wandering around the African bush -- Reis Fattafi and his Zanzabari slavers; Thugzi and his Ruga-Ruga raiders; Allan Haggard, the Great White Hunter; and Larabebe, the mighty warrior.  Will all of them meet on the road to Umbangomango?

Other Saturday Games

“The Battle of Maiwand: 1880” 
  Ethan Reiff ~ 800 Fighting Englishmen (modified) – 28mm
This mega-game played on a 6’ x 10’ table all day Saturday.

Larry Brom and Ethan Reiff

Christi Brom,  Lori Brom, Larry Brom, and Ethan Reiff

 Larry Brom, and Ethan Reiff

 Ethan Reiff and Larry Brom