Monday, January 10, 2011


View from the right of our front steps

View from our front steps
View from the left of our front steps

Our house as seen from the street

A view from the side of the house showing the feilds in back

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Murican Revolution battle report from Ed Sansing

The battlefield prior to the start. Murican troops are boxed on the right.

The enemy commanders. Jim, Bill, John

The Muricans started with 2 brigades of infantry, their cavalry and artillery on the field. In the foreground is my Penn. Brigade, in the center Jay is setting out one of his brigades and in the background you can see Sean's cavalry.

2 of my Penn. regiments and artillery as seen from the enemy point of view.

The Murican commander G. W. otherwise known as Gee Dubya

The Brittanian's approach

The Brittanian Jagers fire a volley

My next brigade arrives

The cavalry fight on the other flank.

The Brittianian's press forward near the center.

My units are taking casualties as Jim & Bill increase the pressure

Sean's infantry watch as the last of the Brittianian cavalry retreats
One of my units routs to the rear. They were later rallied.

Looking over the top of one of Jay's rifle units fire near Estes' barn

 Looking at the center where Jay is holding against John.

With 1/2 of my Penn. brigade in fall back or retreat the Brittianians continue forward.
The Penn brigade has been replaced by the militia who aren't faring so good either

At the end looking over Sean's brigade toward the center. The Muricans have been slowly forced back.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011