Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saxe-Bearstein Observation officers

Two officers of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein are currently journeying to observe the upcoming campaigns in Schwabia. They are:Major Ernst von Maltz (son of Brigadier Dieter von Maltz)Captain Otto von Pilsner (grandson of General Baron Helmut von Pilsner). As to the nature of the officers, Furst Bruno von Ursa wrote,"As you can see they are both from distinguished military families and you may expect them to behave in a manner befitting their bloodlines."

When told of the Observation officers, Prinzessin Maria Athena directed her uncle General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg to begin preparations to receive the two officers and see to their lodgings and welcome.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Schwabian war project began when I read the Imaginations blogs on the Emperor vs. Elector. I always wanted to conduct an extended series of battles in the lace wars period. This is the time of the War of Polish Succession, War of Austrian Succession, the Seven years War, and the American Revolution. Upon the arrival of my copy of Charles Grant’s ‘The War Game’ , I decided that the time had come to start.
When you read Grant’s ‘Scenarios for Wargamers’ you find that to fight a number of battles all you need are 10 to 12 battalions of infantry, 4 to 6 squadrons of heavy and light cavalry, 4 to 6 guns and limbers. With these forces, 15 different battles can be fought. The battles include positional defense, flank attack, holding action, attack on camp, breakout, river crossing, assault river crossing, bridge demolition, dominant hill and chance encounter.
To keep the look and feel of Old School war gaming I chose the figures from Prince August. This allows me to pour my own and then paint the figures. The classic figure molds I chose were as follows. 2 of the Officer and Musketeer molds due to the number of figures needed.










Prince August Arrive

The Prince August molds arrive. I am amazed by the swift delivery from Ireland considering the state of snail mail. I am surprised that my molds are not in a bomb container till they determine what the package is. Anyone ordering from Prince August should be aware of their quick and courteous service. My order was made online late Friday night. On Monday I received an email confirming my order and the amount to be charged once the conversion from Euros to Dollars was made. A couple of weeks of waiting and my molds are here. Let the pouring begin.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New blog

I just added a blog to help carry on my 7yw project. I now have 2 groups to act as protagonist in the conflict. Harzburg will act as Prussia and seek to seize territory from the League. The Schwabian League will act for Austria and the Riech troops who stood in Fredricks way. Look at his treatment of Saxony during the war and Prussia's future treatment of Saxony. Harzburg will view the League as breakaway territories. With the ascension of a female , the chance to lay claim to the state that holds the League together is to great to ignore.
The Prince August order has been confirmed so in 6 to 9 weeks i can begin the recruitment of the armies. The weather will still be relatively cool so the Pouring will be done outside.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brigade vs Brigade

While reloading old files to the new hard drive I came across pictures of a small skirmish, a French and British Napoleonic battle. Each commander was ordered to occupy two small hills to their front securing an observation post for further actions.

General Airfix commanded the French forces. His command consisted of 2 regiments, each of 3 battalions. There was a foot battery assigned to the brigade. The forces lined up and observed the field of battle.

The British brigade of General Scruby consist of 4 line battalions. There was a battery of foot guns attached to provide close support. General Scruby and his brigade are fresh from the recruiting depot.

From General Airfix's view of the battle, you can see the 2 hills to be fought over. The hill on the right is the Northern hill, while the hill to the left is the Southern hill. Both commanders have placed equal groups of infantry on either side of the guns in the center. The French are closer to the Southern Hill, while the British are closer to the Northern Hill.

The French moved briskly to seize the hills while the British had to spend time getting the troops to advance on the enemy. Both batteries begin to pound the other.

The French occupy the Southern hill and stake a claim to the Northern hill. Both batteries rout their opposite during the artillery duel.

The British near the northern hill have a battalion fall back when their morale fails due to musket fire. The southern group sits and looks on.

The British engage the French on the northern hill.

The British southern group advanced into a firefight with their counterparts.

On the northern hill a British unit would fall back disordered.
The British manage to drive a French battalion off the southern hill. The French are maneuvering around the southern hill to flank
the British.

The final view of the battle.

The French securely hold the northern hill after routing the
British battalion that had stayed to engage in a firefight. The other British battalion is reluctant to close into a close range firefight.

On the southern hill the British contend with the French fire from the hill and a charge from the battalion to the south. The British drove off the charge and withstood the firefight. The southern French battalion fell back after failing to close.

Having lost the northern hill and with the French able to shift fresh forces to the south the British began to pull back dragging their guns. General Scruby will have to answer many questions for this days failure.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My first Links

I am slowly learning to use this blog's features. This morning I have added a section to show limks to sites I use or wholy endorse. My first sites will be those with special meaning to me. Jackson gamers site and blog, Col Campbels blogs, Not By Appointment, Emperor vs Elector and imagination nations.