Sunday, June 24, 2012

Demo Game at the Game Vault

My first week in Spotsylvania has been eventful.  I was able to put on a demo game at the Game Vault using my Prince August 40mm troops.  The game was a refresher of the B.A.R. rules and a chance to meet gamers in the Fredricksburg area.

The Schwabians view the Harzburgers on their right

These are the Harzburgers on the Schwabian left.

Harzburgs Dragoons advance along the flank

My trip to a NOVAG Friday night was stopped by a fender bender on 95's north bound lane near Quantico.  

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  1. Nice looking table here and in your previous posts - the larger scale sure lets you bring best out of the flag heraldry. Have fun on your wargamer pilgrimage!