Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pictures of Saturdays Game

Some raw pictures of the game

Jim and Sean Pitts set up the game
The French players discus their plans
The British troops I will have the honor of commandind
The rest of the British troops
The French Commander,  Jay Stribling
My British troops have begun to occupy the old fort (the key objective)
The command of Lieutenant Colonel Sansing also advances against the western Fondue Hill with the provincial light infantry and the company of the 15th Foot in the lead, supported by the company of the 60th Foot. The grenadiers of the Regiment Beaujolais are lining the woods in the right rear of the picture.

Chief Schneider's victorious warriors realign themselves for further action against the Britannians.

Chief Schneider hopes to engage the other part of Major Pitts' command of Rangers and Light Infantry who are covering the right flank of the 5th Foot.

The 5th Foot succeeds in holding their own in the fort's ruins against the Regiment Beaujolais. On the far left are what remain of one of the two fusilier companies of the Regiment Beaujolais, as well as their battalion gun with its crew lying dead around it. The 5th Foot's battalion gun, as well as the company of the 60th Foot (out of picture to left) were the dealers of death and destruction in this area of the battlefield.

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