Monday, July 19, 2010

July update

With my digital camera broken, I am unable to post any pictures of the Capitania General de Florida game at Jackson, MS. Click here for a post from ColCampbell's Barracks to see some of the first pictures Indians and Breastworks I played the Indian tribe in the fortified village ( I hope Jim will post at least 1 picture of my braves soon). My warriors fought off three units of Britanians with the great aid of a Spanish regiment. No enemy entered the village and thus sealed the victory for our side.

Jay Stribling was presented with 2 squadrons of Harzburg Dragoons to paint once he finishes the M├╝hlehaus reinforced battalion. Jay is putting my poor painting skill to shame. If the unit fights as well as it looks, M├╝hlehaus will be garnering glory with these troops.

Life has kept me busy with Mother falling and luckily only getting a couple of bruises and sore bones. Between shopping, mowing, raking, and house duties my painting time has been curtailed. One bright spot is the arrival of 60 pounds + of lead weights to be smelted. I should get at least 40 to 50 pounds of usable lead for casting.

Well life is calling, my clothes in the washer needs to be placed in the drier. I hope to resume regular post to get mack in the habit.

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