Monday, October 7, 2019


I travel 150 miles to game with the Jackson Gamers.
I have been gaming with them since the mid 70's.
Saturdays game was a part of Chickamauga, where I played a Reb brigade.

Our host Jay Stribling in the center in white shirt

Game master Ed Sansing in green on right

My fellow Reb Commanders

The battlefield as viewed from my perspective 

My troops marching

My troops emerging from the woods

Union commanders view the fighting on this end of the table

The battle was furious 

My brigade finally enters the field

My brigade forms up to join the engagement 

the battle is joined

Hard fought victory over Union brigade

My wore out brigade is glad to end the battle as if we continued, 
I would have faced a strong Union cav brigade armed with Spencers

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  1. I just found your battle report. Sorry that it went 6 months without my viewing it.