Monday, October 7, 2019


I travel 150 miles to game with the Jackson Gamers.
I have been gaming with them since the mid 70's.
Saturdays game was a part of Chickamauga, where I played a Reb brigade.

Our host Jay Stribling in the center in white shirt

Game master Ed Sansing in green on right

My fellow Reb Commanders

The battlefield as viewed from my perspective 

My troops marching

My troops emerging from the woods

Union commanders view the fighting on this end of the table

The battle was furious 

My brigade finally enters the field

My brigade forms up to join the engagement 

the battle is joined

Hard fought victory over Union brigade

My wore out brigade is glad to end the battle as if we continued, 
I would have faced a strong Union cav brigade armed with Spencers

Monday, November 30, 2015


L'Envoi to Sand-table Sonatas
by Flashdout Kasting
Dedicated To LVB

If yer shaded with oils and washed with a brush,
If yer de-tail's all crisp and yer parting-line's flush,
Remember it don't mean a tittle or tush
To the Man Who Writes The Rules

If yer coat's painted red when it ought to be blue
An yer 'at's an off-color, yer skin's a sick hue
It don't matter a bit 'ow some fool painted you
For you lives an you dies by the Rules.

If yer paint is all chinky from years o' hard use
An yer bayonet's gone an one arm's hangin loose,
Yer as good as the next 'un an' just as much use,
To The Man Who Writes The Rules.

Oh he knows all the hist'ry, he thinks an' he reads,
And what 'e don't know 'e can fake if he needs,
'E can tell you the pace of men, camels or steeds,
An' the 2D morale o' the mules.
He's a Solomon wise with a sceptre an' crown
He's historian, mathematician and clown,
An he don't care a whit (which is good!) for renown.
He's The Man Who Writes The Rules.

If yer lined with a marker, or lined with a pen
Painted double-ought sable or camel-hair ten,
It's one an' the same when the dice roll again
For you lives an' you dies by the Rules.

If yer base is magnetic, or coinage or card,
If yer pose is high port, or reloading, or guard,
If yer bought by the casting or bought by the yard,
It don't mean a toss if yer plastic or hard
To The Man Who Writes The Rules.

On styrofoam hill or vermiculite plain
When the tape-measures whirr and the dice roll again,
An' the pizza-smell's thick, so's to rattle yer brain,
It's the Rules that permit, an' the Rules that restrain,
And you lives an you dies by the Rules.

For the painter's a grind and the gamer's a plod;
The collector, 'es just an obsessive old sod,
But I tell you, 'es bloody well near to a God
Is The Man Who Writes The Rules.

Oh the rules they are fresh, or the rules they are stale,
An' they favour the dusky or favour the pale,
An' they're overly broad or 'ave too much detail,
An' they don't know the difference 'twixt Congreve and Hale,
And they finish too quick or they plod on too long,
An' they figure the spears or machine-guns too strong,
An' their cavalry movement is simply all wrong
But when the dice sing o' their rattley song
It's all just the prattle of fools
For you lives and you dies
Mind, you lives and you dies
Yes, you lives and you dies
By the Rules.


Monday, July 28, 2014


While visiting my family in Spotsylvania, Va I was able to squeeze in Historicon 2014.  This year I put on my game on Wednesday for the open gaming night.  2 played the Rebels and 2 played the Loyalist in this adaptation of the Battle of Camdon. 
The Kings men plot their strategy
The Rebels stare down the Kings men
The Rebels are assaulted
A view from the Loyalist cavalry

The Loyalist drive the Rebels from the field
Thursday night saw a repeat of the game
A view of the game setup
Jacob was given command of the Rebel Regulars since he commanded the militia the night before.
Jacob stands to move the Regulars forward
The 3 Kings men watch the Rebel moves
The Legion Horse charged into the Militia

The Rebel Militia and State line are driven from the field as the Regulars fight an increasing desperate fight.  This would be the Rebels second loss at Historicon.
My camera had a breakdown and no other pictures were available.
For the third game on Friday night Jacob was given command of the Kings Regulars,  and for the third time the Rebels were driven from the field.  In trying to aid the Rebels I had reduced the Kings forces by taking away a bn of Grenadiers.

Before I compiled this report I found this on the web

Paul Forgette  My first game was “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Camdon.” This was a 40mm scale American War of Independence game. The host was John Murdaugh. I was on the British side and we did well.



Monday, April 21, 2014

The drums of the recruiters are beating all over Harzburg.  Prince August has ordered the Schwabian recruiters to answer their challenge.  Fresh cut uniforms for the new troops are displayed below.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hirst blocks

Sorry for being slow on my HISTORICON REPORT, but I had to check out my new acquisition. While at HISTORICON I attended a seminar on casting Hirst building blocks.  Since this was his last class, he offered some blocks for sale and as gifts.  I acquired some blocks that could be enough for 2 octagonal towers.  Finally at home, I have inventoried my blocks and find I do not have enough arrow/gun slits to make 2 towers. After a couple of ideas didn't pass muster, I have settled upon a border fort.  I will be using it in my Schwabian Wars and for Jackson Gamers Medieval / Renaissance games.
The border fort / castle will have 1 octagonal tower, a gate, and walls with octagonal corners.
I have enough blocks to make the walls tall enough to give a good impression with my 40mm Prince August.
The top of the tower will provide a great observation post.
I plan to build the forts walls 1 block thick and then place foam to provide the walkway and support the walls.  The tower will not be made to come apart as I will provide trays to hold the troops inside.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Tree Test

Miss Kitty checks out the troops

Oh No!  A giant monster is attacking

A curious cat

The new trees form woos on the flank